Redevelopment Commission

The Hebron Redevelopment Commission

The Hebron Redevelopment Commission (HRC) is the lead entity for economic development efforts in the Town of Hebron charged by the Town Council to provide all economic development services on their behalf. This includes business development, recruitment and retention as well as the management of the capital budgets, the Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA), all economic development related tax and development zones and the management of all city incentives.

The HRC’s mission is to assist in the creation and filling of jobs and capital investment in the Town of Hebron by:

  • Assisting existing business expansion and retention
  • Recruiting new businesses
  • Promoting work force recruitment and development
  • Collaborating with other economic development organizations regionally

The HRC is focused on leveraging public and private investment to accelerate business growth and the creation of high-quality employment opportunities in Hebron. It does so by reducing or eliminating road blocks to development in Hebron. It accomplishes its goals with a myriad of resources some of which include the strategic alliances with the following entities:

  • Hebron Chamber of Commerce
  • Hebron Beautification Committee
  • Hebron Park Board
  • Hebron Public Schools
  • Porter County Alliance
  • Northwest Indiana Forum
  • Indiana Economic Development Corporation

We thank all of them for their successful cooperation in supporting economic development in our community.

Along with promoting investment the HRC manages certain programs on behalf of the town. These include such responsibilities as the business license program, inventorying available space for new customers and managing certain public events for the community to name a few.

The HRC invites you to make Hebron the new home for your business, family or both. If we can assist your efforts in choosing Hebron as your preferred location in any way, please contact us at:

The meetings of the HRC are open to the public. Please check our Town Calendar for the next available meeting if you would like to be in attendance. In the meantime, as a means of learning more about our town we would encourage you to investigate the following links:


Shawn Ensign, President, Mike Reick, Merle Forseman, Bill Sopko, Kevin Vanderground