Planning Commission

The Hebron Planning Commission

The Plan Commission consists of seven members. Three members must be elected officials or Town employees. Of the four citizen members, there can be no more than two of any one political party and they are appointed by the Town Council to four year terms. The purpose of this board is to oversee any development that is going on within the town. This includes looking at building permits, building ordinance violations, master plan enforcement, and changes of the master plan. The master plan is a vision created by past and present Town Councils with input from the citizens and sub-boards of Hebron. This board works well with and looks forward to the development of the Town while staying true to the wants and need of the citizens of Hebron.


Cathy Fishero, Amy Cunningham, Dave Waffler, Merle Forseman, Josh Noel (Hebron Police Representative), David Peeler & Peter Breuckman (Town Council Representatives)