Wrong Way Squares

For over 45 years, Hebron’s Wrong Way Squares have offered friends & family a chance to experience just how much fun square dancing can be.

Learn to Square Dance! ~ Hebron Elementary School Cafeteria on Monday September 18 & 25 from 7:00 – 9:00PM.

What inspired a group of 8 couples in 1972 from Hebron to select a club name fashioned after the “Wrong Way” road sign? One would think, these founding members wanted to set a tone for the future of their newly started club, “Wrong Way Squares”. What is wrong with making a few mistakes, then laughing at yourself and continuing on with one of life’s real joys?

People that have taken the time and stepped out and tried any form of dancing realized what a positive and uplifting experience dancing is about. In square dancing, you and your partner is working in unison with 3 other couples to the beat of the music.  A Caller, much like a music composer, will instruct everyone in the square to execute a movement that may take from 2-32 beats of music to perform. The interesting part is the dancers don’t know in advance what movement will be called next. Callers can get quite creative in mixing it up for a fun experience of dancing.

If you would like to experience this form of active entertainment and have a little fun, the Wrong Way Squares will be offering (2) Free no obligations public dances in the Hebron Elementary School Cafeteria on Monday September 18 & 25 from 7:00 – 9:00PM.  Bring a friend, spouse or yourself, no prior experience necessary. Additional lessons will continue on Monday nights for a charge of $4 per person or $10 family group rate.

Contact Larry & Rose Hakes at (219) 921-1196 or www.WrongWaySquares.com if you should have any questions.

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