Call to Order: HRC President Keith Cunningham called the October Regular meeting of the Hebron Redevelopment Commission to order at 7:02 p.m. at which time all attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioners present: Keith Cunningham (KC), Kim Mouratides (KM), Jeff Nilsen (JN)

Commissioners absent: Mike Reick (MR), Kevin Joseph (KJ)

Liaisons/Consultants present: DeSCo (JM), Stephanie Mathews (SM), Dave Peeler (DP)

Liaisons/Consultants absent: none

Attending Guests: Ted Fitzgerald, Merle Foresman and Allan Kirkpatrick.



Summary of Actions Taken:

AA1 – The agenda for the meeting was set

AA2 – Meeting Minutes were approved for September

AA3 – All claims were paid

OB3 – A decision on door hardware was achieved for Project Refresh

NB1 – The old HRC letterhead was retired


Administrative Approvals:             

  1. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved as presented
  • (KM) moved to accept the agenda, (JN) seconded; Motion passed (3-0)
  1. Meeting Minute Approval: The minutes for September 6, 2017 were presented and reviewed.
  • (JN) moved to approve; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (3-0).
  1. Treasury Expenditures: 4 claims were presented from the Clerk/Treasurers office for approval.
  • (JN) moved to pay all claims as presented; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (3-0).
  1. Non-Financial Signatures (JM) The minutes of the September meeting were added to the October claims for signature.



Strategic Plan Business:

  1. Hawk Bucks. (JM) DeSCo presented an update on the Hawk Bucks program. With 13 participating merchants, over $2,260 in Hawk Bucks have been sold to date and $1,740 have been redeemed. DeSCo proposed that the balance at the end of the year be transferred to the Community of Murals program. That decision would be made at the January 2018 meeting.
  2. Community of Murals. (JM) DeSCo reported on a meeting with the Porter County Community Foundation. While supportive of the concept, the Foundation would not be able to support the full 50% needed due to funding limitations.  DeSCo was to meet with the South Shore Arts Commission to seek further support for the project.



Old Business:

  1. Skilled Trades Olympics. (JM) DeSCo informed the HRC that a mailing to every household was to be distributed this week.
  2. TIF Audit Challenge (JM) DeSCo reported that all parcel recoding had been completed and that boundary changes were downstate undergoing review and approval.  Once a response is received, the final papers will be recorded with Porter County and the process completed.
  3. Project Refresh. (JM) DeSCo gave an update on Project Refresh with updated expenditures versus budget.  Both Interior and Exterior were completing within budget.  Progress on the door resolution was hampered by code interpretation, i.e. only rooms with a capacity of 50 persons or greater were required to have panic bars on the exit doors.   As the capacity of the Assembly Hall was not established, we are stalled with regard to deciding if we have to have those panic bars at this time.  DeSCo recommended that the HRC require a panic bar on the Assembly Hall door only regardless of the capacity rating of the room and that in exchange for the other panic door not being provided that the two doors be keyed identically.
  • (KC) moved to support that recommendation, (KM) seconded; Motion passed (3-0).



New Business:

  1. HRC Letterhead. DeSCo shared the current HRC letterhead and asked the Commissioners to consider whether separate letterhead was needed.  After discussion;
  • (KM) moved to use only Town of Hebron letterhead, (JN) seconded; Motion passed (3-0).
  1. Town Web Page. At the request of the C/T, web page issues were added to the HRC agenda.  It was confirmed that this was now a Town Council matter and it was forwarded to their attention.



Economic Development:

  1. Project Updates. (JM) DeSCo provided updates on two economic development marketing efforts. DeSCo recommended a third letter, to go to all surrounding parcels owners asking them to please develop or sell their investment to others that would. A draft letter would be circulated and then discussed at the next meeting of the HRC.
  2. PCEDA. (JM) DeSCo updated the HRC on regional economic development efforts.


Public Comments:

  1. Stephanie Mathews reported that the 2017-18 headcount for the Hebron Schools was 1,127 students, down 35 students from the 2016-17 school year.



Adjournment: (JN) motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:44 p.m.; (KM) seconded; motion passed (3-0).



Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Public Meeting @ 7:00 PM



________________________                                                 ___________________________

Keith Cunningham, HRC President                               Kim Mouratides, HRC Secretary