Executive Session:  Prior to the regular meeting a joint executive session was held between the HRC and Town Council.  Opportunities were discussed relating to a deal structure on a real estate project before the community.  The output from the meeting was deferred to the HRC.


Call to Order: HRC President Keith Cunningham called the September Regular meeting of the Hebron Redevelopment Commission to order at 7:06 p.m. at which time all attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioners present: Keith Cunningham (KC), Kim Mouratides (KM), Kevin Joseph (KJ), Jeff Nilsen (JN),

Commissioners absent: Mike Reick (MR)

Liaisons/Consultants present: DeSCo (JM), Stephanie Mathews (SM)

Liaisons/Consultants absent: Dave Peeler (DP)

Attending Guests: Pete Brueckman, Don Ensign, Ted Fitzgerald, Nate Kleefisch, Merle Foresman and two teacher representatives who were unannounced.



Summary of Actions Taken:

AA1 – The agenda for the meeting was set

AA2 – Meeting Minutes were approved for July & August

AA3 – All claims were paid

PH1 – The Confirmatory Resolution amending the TIF boundaries passed

OB1 – A letter to each of the Hebron households on the STO was approved

OB2 – A contractor dispute with the community center was tabled until October

NB1 – The contract to package the Town Hall project was tabled for two weeks

ED1 – Direct mail campaigns were approved


Administrative Approvals:             

  1. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved as presented
  • (KM) moved to accept the agenda, (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0)
  1. Meeting Minute Approval: The corrected minutes for July 5, 2017 were presented and reviewed as were the minutes for the August 10 meeting.
  • (KM) moved to approve; (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  1. Treasury Expenditures: 6 claims were presented from the Clerk/Treasurers office for approval.
  • (JN) moved to pay all claims as presented; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  1. Non-Financial Signatures (JM) The minutes of the July and August meetings were added to the September claims for signature.


Public Hearing – TIF Boundary Changes

  1. President Cunningham called the public hearing to order seeking comments on the proposed boundary changes for the Hebron TIF district.   Invited to speak were those in favor, those in opposition or those seeking answers to questions.  DeSCo provided an explanation to the changes that were being made by the HRC.
    1. Those Speaking in Favor.   There were no statements in favor of the proposed changes to the TIF boundary.
    2. Those seeking answers to questions.   The following individuals had questions regarding the proposed changes:
  1. Dr. Nathan Kleefisch questioned how long the changes would be in effect. DeSCo responded that these changes would become part of the existing TIF until its dissolution.
    1. Those Speaking in Opposition. No person spoke in opposition to the TIF Boundary Changes.
    2. After receiving all inputs, President Cunningham turned to the Commissioners for input.
  • (KJ) moved to pass HRC Resolution 2017-9-01 amending the TIF Boundaries; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).


Strategic Plan Business:

  1. Hawk Bucks. (JM) DeSCo presented an update on the Hawk Bucks program. With 13 participating merchants, over $2,300 in Hawk Bucks have been redeemed to date. A detailed proposal was to follow.
  2. Community of Murals. (JM) DeSCo reported on a request to meet with the Porter County Community Foundation for funding for this program. No appointment has been set as of the September HRC meeting.



Old Business:

  1. Skilled Trades Olympics. (JM) DeSCo requested permission to send a personal letter to each household in Hebron seeking volunteer services for the SKO.
  • (KM) moved to send the letter prepared by DeSCo to every household, Stephanie Mathews and Helen Laviolette; (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  1. Project Refresh. (JM) DeSCo gave an update on Project Refresh with updated expenditures versus budget.  Both Interior and Exterior were completing within budget.  Options for addressing the personnel door to the police department included; accept as delivered with final adjustments, accept conditionally (with final adjustments) that the door does not freeze with payment in March, hire a third party contractor and deduct the difference from the outstanding invoice.
  • (KM) moved to defer the matter until October, (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  1. TIF Audit Challenge (JM) DeSCo reported on the limited progress with the County Auditor’s office regarding the TIF Audit Challenge.   Anticipating that the HRC 2017-9-1 passed this evening, the additional parcels had been added to the Pay 18 ledger.  All parcels requesting changes had been corrected.  There would be no ability for the HRC to make a three-year claw back on lost capture.




New Business:

Town Hall Project. (KC) Commissioner Cunningham reviewed an opportunity for a replacement town hall for Hebron bringing the Commission up to speed on the activities that had occurred to date.  A discussion of the tasks needed to get up to construction status was discussed.

  • (KJ) moved to defer action on the contract until a deal structure could be created and presented in two weeks; (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).


Economic Development:

  1. Project Updates. (JM) DeSCo provided updates on two economic development efforts.  Continued direct mailing for residential projects occurred.
  • (KC) moved to continue mailing to developers who might consider a Hebron opportunity; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  • (KJ) moved to continue marketing for a new restaurant opportunity in Hebron; (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).


  1. PCEDA. (JM) DeSCo updated the HRC on regional economic development efforts.   Pete Brueckman asked DeSCo to prepare a letter supporting the PCEDA.


Public Comments:

  1. Dr. Nate Kleefisch and the two teacher representatives thanked the HRC for their continued contributions to school efforts.  Stephanie Mathews commented on the editorial that appeared recently in the Advertiser.




Adjournment: (KM) motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m.; (JN) seconded; motion passed (4-0).



Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Public Meeting @ 7:00 PM



________________________                                                 ___________________________

Keith Cunningham, HRC President                               Kim Mouratides, HRC Secretary