Call to Order: HRC President Keith Cunningham called the August Regular meeting of the Hebron Redevelopment Commission to order at 7:00 p.m. at which time all attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioners present: Keith Cunningham (KC), Kim Mouratides (KM), Kevin Joseph (KJ), Jeff Nilsen (JN)

Commissioners absent: Mike Reick (MR)

Liaisons/Consultants present: DeSCo (JM), Stephanie Mathews (SM)

Liaisons/Consultants absent: none

Attending Guests: Tom Fry, Dave Peeler, and Don Ensign



Summary of Actions Taken:

AA1 – The agenda for the meeting was set

AA2 – Meeting Minutes were approved for July

AA3 – All claims were paid

SP1 – Hawk Bucks press releases and bill stuffers were approved for release

OB3 – Funding for the MSD of Boone County was approved

OB3 – A handheld recording device was approved for purchase

NB4 – Ted Fitzgerald was retained as council


Administrative Approvals:             

  1. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved after edits including the Letter from the MSD in Old Business, and the Sewer Lines Project to New Business. The Tif Audit/Challenge was removed from the agenda.
  • (KM) moved to accept the edited agenda, (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0)
  1. Meeting Minute Approval: The minutes for July 5, 2017 were presented and reviewed. JM pointed out that the summary of the offer on Project 119 did not match the changed minutes under NB2. The summary was proposed to read “DeSCo was directed to add detail to the project 119 offer structure.”
  • (KM) moved to approve; (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  1. Treasury Expenditures: 13 claims were presented from the Clerk/Treasurers office for approval.
  • (KM) moved to pay all claims as presented; (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).
  1. Non-Financial Signatures (JM) The minutes of the July meeting were not added to the August claims as they had to be edited.


Strategic Plan Business:

  1. Hawk Bucks. (JM) DeSCo presented an update on the Hawk Bucks program. With 11 participating merchants, we have sold $550 in Hawk Bucks and redeemed $210. Recommendation for additional participation and marketing were discussed as was a decision to run the program through the Christmas shopping season.
  2. Community of Murals. (JM) DeSCo informed the Commissioners that Kresge Foundation rejected our application for financing stating that enough minorities and persons at risk would be served by the program.




Old Business:

  1. Skilled Trades Olympics. (JM) DeSCo reported that after four months of soliciting volunteers for the STO, which included outreach flyers in the churches on Sunday, that none one had stepped forward to support the effort.  They were pulling the plug due to lack of support.
  2. Project Refresh. (JM) DeSCo gave an update on Project Refresh with updated expenditures versus budget.  Both Interior and Exterior were completing within budget.  Finalizing the police entry door remains the outstanding issue
  3. MSD Funding Refresh. (KC) A previously received letter for funding support from the MSD was brought up for discussion.  The challenges of inconsistent funding of the HRC vs financial needs of the schools were discussed.
  • (KJ) moved to grant $20,000 of TIF Funds to the MSD for FY 2017; (JN) amended the motion to raise it to $21,000, (JN) seconded the amended motion. Motion passed (3-1).



New Business:

  1. Town Hall Project. (KC) Commissioner Cunningham reviewed an opportunity for a replacement town hall for Hebron.  The building under consideration offered an ability to consolidate all Town functions under one roof (other than Police and Fire) while also opening up the SE corner of SR 8 & 2 to redevelopment.  Commission Cunningham reported that Council had directed DeSCo to work with the C/T’s office on interior space design.
  2. Project 119. (JM) Rumors are circulating about local, private sector interest in Project 119.  In light of such, the HRC decided to step back for 30 days to see if a private sector solution to the space might resolve the matter.
  3. TIF Boundary Changes. (JM) As a result of a TIF audit, DeSCo is recommending that two areas be added to the TIF district.  The properties NW of the intersection of SR 2 & 8 and the balance of the Pines properties on the north end of the district.  The HRC and Plan Commission had approved amending the boundaries.  Council review of the resolution is scheduled for August 18 and then the HRC will finalize the process at their September 6th meeting.  The September 6th meeting will be a public meeting.
  4. Attorney Contract (KC)  Commissioner Cunningham presented an attorney contract for legal services to the HRC.  A discussion on the contract ensued. Council members in attendance reminded the HRC that the services of Ted Fitzgerald were covered under the Town’s contract, and that the HHRC received these services at no charge.
  • (KM) moved to engage the services of Ted Fitzgerald for the HRC (JN) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).



Economic Development:

  1. Project Updates. (JM) DeSCo provided updates on two economic development efforts.
  2. PCEDA. (JM) DeSCo updated the HRC on regional economic development efforts.


Public Comments:

  1. None




Adjournment: (KM) motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m.; (JN) seconded; motion passed (3-0).



Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Public Meeting @ 7:00 PM



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Keith Cunningham, HRC President                               Kim Mouratides, HRC Secretary