Call to Order: HRC President Keith Cunningham called the May Regular meeting of the Hebron Redevelopment Commission to order at 7:12 p.m. at which time all attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioners present: Keith Cunningham (KC), Kim Mouratides (KM), Jeff Nilson (JN)

Commissioners absent: Mike Reick (MR), Kevin Joseph (KJ) 

Liaisons/Consultants present: DeSCo (JM), Dave Peeler (DP), Stephanie Mathews (SM)

Liaisons/Consultants absent: None

Attending Guests: Ted Fitzgerald (TF), and numerous members of the community.


Summary of Actions Taken:

AA2 – The agenda for the meeting was set

AA3 – Meeting Minutes were approved for April

AA3 – All claims were paid

OB2 – Funding for 1/3 of the water/sewer/drainage maps was approved

NB2 – A contract for Cender and Associates was approved

PC1 – Funds were approved for the business banner proposal

Administrative Approvals:            

  1. Welcome to Jeff Nilsen: New Commission member Jeff Nilson was welcomed to the HRC.
  2. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved as presented.
  • (KC) moved to accept the agenda, (KM) seconded; Motion passed (3-0)
  1. Meeting Minute Approval: The minutes for April 5, 2017 were presented and reviewed.
  • (JN) moved to approve; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (5-0).
  1. Treasury Expenditures: 10 Claims were presented for payment for services to the HRC.
  • (KC) motioned to pay all invoices with the exception of Creavo which was forwarded to Council for payment; (KM) seconded; Motion passed (3-0).
  1. Non-Financial Signatures (JM) DeSCo introduced the concept of non-financial signatures under Administrative Approvals. No signatures were presented at the current meeting.


Strategic Plan Business:

  1. Hawk Bucks. (JM)  DeSCo reviewed the Hawk Bucks program and how it would roll out in Hebron.  Recruiting participating merchants was underway at this time.  A first mailing had been conducted and a second was soon to follow.
  2. Community of Murals. (JM) DeSCo updated the HRC on the status  of the Community of Murals program informing them that we had not had word from the Kresge Foundation regarding their interest in the project as of the meeting date.


Old Business:

  1. Skilled Trades Olympics. (JM) DeSCo confirmed the need to get 10 volunteers from Hebron to make this project a success and that these volunteers were slow to arrive to the program.
  2. Water/Sewer/Drainage Map Updates. (JM) The proposal for updated water/sewer/drainage maps from McMahon was discussed.  After a review of funding alternatives, a funding mechanism was identified with three entities, HRC, Sewer Board and Drainage Board each paying for a third.
  • It was moved by (JN) to have the HRC pay for a third of the cost up to $16,700 from TIF funds and have the other two entities participate at an equal third; (KM) Motion passed (3-0).
  1. Project Refresh. (JM).  A tour of the recent building improvements precluded the meeting.  DeSCo reported that $27,781 had been expensed for PI-Interior (Budget: $40,000) and $22,690 had been expensed for PI-Exterior (Budget: $40,500).  The doors were the next phase of the project.


New Business:

  1. TIF Audit Results. (JM)  DeSCo shared significant findings of the TIF Audit recently completed in partnership with Cender and Associates. Future steps were addressed that included meetings with the County and amendments of the TIF Boundaries.
  2. Cender Contract Expansion. (JM)  As a result of the TIF Audit, additional funds were needed to engage the services of Cender and Associates.  The investment in their guidance was expected to make the TIF more productive for the community.
  • It was moved by (KM) to sign a new contract with Cender and Associates in the amount of $6,000 pending review by the town attorney; (JN) Motion passed (3-0).
  1. DeSCo Contract. (JM)  DeSCo pointed out that their relationship with the HRC had changed considerably and asked to have conversations with HRC president Keith Cunningham relating to those changes.


Economic Development:

  1. Project Updates. (JM)  DeSCo provided updates on two economic development efforts.
  2. PCEDA. (JM)  DeSCo reminded the HRC that the summer grant program would soon initiate for the PCEDA and asked that the Commissioners consider eligible projects for funding.


Public Comments:

  1. Community Banners. (DP) Dave Peeler presented a business banner program that was originated by the Chamber. The banners would include a flag, flower pot and pole for the lights in the town.  Discussions ensued about using the business license money to create a matching grant program to support the effort.
  • It was moved by (JN) to use the funds from budget line item 407 (business licenses) to provide a grant of up to $50 toward each application. Similarly, DeSCo would be given a budget of $2,000 to oversee the funding process. (KM)  Motion passed (3-0).
  1.  TIF Updates. (TF)   Ted Fitzgerald circulated TIF information obtained from Tom Pitman to the membership.
  2. Memorial Bricks.  It was decided to add Memorial Bricks to next month’s agenda for discussion.

Adjournment: (KM) motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:38 p.m.; (JN) seconded; motion passed (3-0).  

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Public Meeting @ 7:00 PM

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Keith Cunningham, HRC President                                Kim Mouratides, HRC Secretary