The Hebron Town Council and Hebron Utility Regulatory Commission meeting of November 15, 2016 was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Dave Peeler. In attendance were Councilmen Pete Breuckman, David Peeler, Keith Cunningham, Mike Mantai and Councilwoman Kimberly Mouratidcs; MCO Representative Randy Decker,  Town Marshal Josh Noel ; Clerk-Treasurer Fred Siminski;  Attorney  Theodore  A.  Fitzgerald  and Recording  Secretary Joanne Hansen.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, on motion of Councilman Breuckman, seconded by Councilman Mantai and duly carried 5-0,  the  October  18, 2016  minutes were approved  as presented.

Docket – President Peeler read the docket totals for November 15, 2016: Total

$525,638.39, Transfers $258,404.73 and Net Disbursed $267,233.66. On motion of Councilman Cunningham, seconded by Councilman Breuckman and duly carried 5-0, the Docket was approved  as presented.

Clerk-Treasurer  Report

Resolution 2016-11-15, Reduction of Appropriations in the Rainy Day Fund; Resolution 2016-11-l5A, Reduction  of  Appropriations  TIF  Fund,  and  Resolution 2016-11-l5B – Reduction of Appropriations for Redevelopment Commission – Clerk­Treasurer Fred Siminski explained the need for each of the Resolutions. On motion or Councilwoman Mouratides, seconded by Councilman Cunningham and duly carried 5-0, Resolution 2016-11-15, Resol ution 2016- l l – 5A and Resolution 2016-11-15B were passed  and adopted.

Resolution 2016-11-15C, Additional Appropriations CEDIT; Resolution 2016-11-l5D, Additional Appropriations LOIT Special Distribution Fund (75%); Resolution 2016-ll-15E, LOIT Unrestricted Fund (25%); Resolution 2016-11-15F, Additional Appropriations Community Center Operating; Resolution 2016-11-15G, Stormwater Fund – On motion of Councilman Cunningham, seconded Councilman Breuckman and duly carried 5-0, Resolution 2016-11-15C, Resolution 2016-11-15D, Resolution 2016- 11-15E, Resolution 2016-11-15F and Resolution 2016-11-15G were passed and adopted.

Ordinance  2016-11-15  –  An  Ordinance  Establishing  the  Porter  County  Economic Development (PCEDA) Grant  Fund  –  Clerk-Treasurer  Siminski  read Ordinance 2016-11-15. On motion of Councilman Cunningham, seconded by Councilwoman Mouratides and duly carried 5-0, Ordinance 2016-11-15 was passed and adopted.

Ordinance  2016-11-15A  –  An  Ordinance  Adopting  a  Capital Improvement Plan for  the  Town  of  Hebron,  Specifying  Uses  of  Revenue  Received  from  the Certified Distribution of CEDIT funds  as  Distributed  by  the  Office  of  the  Porter  County Auditor in Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017 and Designating the receipts  of  said CEDIT Funds – Clerk-Treasurer Siminski explained  the  needs  for  the  Ordinance  and  that an executed copy of the Ordinance must be given to  County.  On  motion of Councilman Brcuckman, seconded by Councilwoman Mouratides and duly carried 5-0, Ordinance 2016- l l -15A was passed and adopted.

Resolution 2016-11-15H – Transfer of Appropriations – Clerk-Treasurer read Resolution 2016-11-l5H. On motion of Councilman Breuckman,  seconded  by Councilman Mantai and duly carried 5-0, Resolution 20 l 6- l l – l 5H was passed and adopted.

Boyce Key-Fund Program Approval – Clerk-Treasurer Siminski informed the Council that his office is need of a  key  punch  upgrade  as  effective  January  1 ,  2017 Boyce will no longer be supporting  the current  system.   He noted that  upgrade  will   cost

$7,750.00. Following a discussion, on motion of Councilman Breuckman, seconded by Councilwoman Mouratides and duly carried 5-0, the Council approved the upgrade at the cost of $7,750.00 (funds to be taken from   CCI).

Final 2016 Purchase Orders and  Invoices  –  Clerk-Treasurer  Siminski  stated  that all Purchase Orders and Invoices are to be submitted  to his office by December  12,   2016.

Town Attorney Report

Attorney Fitzgerald reported that he and Dale Tuck (Anytime Fitness) carried the Bi-Centennial Touch through Valparaiso. He noted that it was  his honor  to  carry the  touch on behalf of the Town of  Hebron.

Storm Water Project – Attorney Fitzgerald announced that the Town was able to purchase 7.6 acres for the detention/Retention pond  for $25,000.00.  He stated that DLZ  was given the survey and DLZ will compute how much of the property will be  excavated.

John Sturgill Update – Mr. Sturgill reported that he received  quotes  for  the purchase of a generator for the  Monroe  Lift  Station  and  Attorney  Fitzgerald  indicated that the contract was fine.  Mr.  Sturgill stated that the low bidder  was Brand  Electric, Inc.  at the cost of $48,250.00 which includes  a lineal  foot  for  gas  service  of $18.50 for 275 feet proposed. On motion of Councilman Breuckman, seconded by Councilwoman Mouratides and duly carried 5-0, this expenditure was approved  with  the  funds  being  taken from Waste Water Surplus. Mr. Sturgill will request the performance bonds and contracts.

Utility Adjustments – Jolissa Mirth, 152 Spruce Court – Ms. Mirth noted that her pool was drained and they had to refill the pool in order to close it. On motion of  Councilman Breuckman, seconded by Councilman Mantai and duly carried 5-0,  the  Council approved a reduction to the sewer portion of the bill to an average of the past 12 months  of usage.

Nancy Coughlin Request for Sewer Hookup – Nancy Coughlin, 752 W 800 S, was not in attendance, but there was a discussion regarding her request. Attorney Fitzgerald stated that engineering needs to be done (at the homeowner’s expense) and she can present this matter to the Council.  MCO Representative  Randy  Decker  stated  he would look at the property.   President  Peeler tabled  this matter.

Old Business – None

New Business

Facade Grant Application – Attorney Fitzgerald noted that after several attempts this application has his approval. On motion of Councilman Mantai, seconded by Councilman Cunningham and duly carried 5-0, the Council approved the Facade Grant Application.

Insite/Verizon Wireless Co-Location on South  Water  Tower  –  Attorney  Fitzgerald reported that advised them to submit their paperwork  for Council  review.

Historical Society Letter – President  Peeler  read  a letter submitted to the Council by Kathryn Wiltfang in which Mrs.  Wiltfang  announced  her  retirement  from  the Historical Society.  Park Board President  Chris Singel said the Park Board  will maintain  the Stage Coach Inn and the Pan Handle Depot.      Mrs. Singel will  contact Mrs. Wiltfang.

Department Reports

Parks – Chris Singel reported on the Fall Festival. She noted that pumpkins were purchased from a local farmer, the turn out was okay, the unused pumpkins and donuts were given to the school.

Mrs. Singel announced that Santa will be arriving by fire truck at the Hebron Elementary cafeteria on December 17th from 2:00 p.m.  to 4:00 p.m. She noted that there  will be a silent auction, crafts and  hot   chocolate.

Appointment of Linda Brebner as a paid Board member – On motion of Councilwoman Mouratides, second Councilman Breuckman and duly carried 5-0, this appointment was approved.

Dog Park – Mrs. Singel presented the Council will information pertaining to the proposed dog park. Councilwoman  Mouratides  stated that  it was  suggested that  the park be located at the northwest corner of the 7 acres recently purchased by the Town. Mrs.  Singel noted  that  an organization  is willing  to contribute to the park.

Police Department – Town Marshal Josh  Noel  gave  the  following  Police  Department   Stats   for  October   18,  2016   to  November    14,  201 6  –  Traffic   Stops   118,

Citations 42, Arrest Misd. 4, Arrest  Felony  3, Calls for Service  133.


Marshal  Noel  gave the following  Vehicle  Report  – Cars  1, 2,  3, 4, 5, and 10, no

issues;  Car  6, Alternator,  new  Car  7  needs  markings;  Car  11 decommissioned.

Marshal Noel noted that  Officer  Vasquez  passed  all  of  her  exams  and  will  graduate  Friday  and  will  he  back  on  the road Monday.

Construction Contract for Police  Station  – Construction  is  going  as planned  and on time.

Public Works Department – MCO Representative Randy Decker reported as


Hiring of Part-Time Plow Employees – On motion of Councilman Breuckman, seconded by Councilman Mantai and duly carried 5-0,  Roy  Kasten  and  Rick  Owners were hired  as part-time  plow employees pending physicals.

Water Plant – Transfer pump #1 will need repair; waiting on a quote from Peerless Midwest

Applications for utility position – Four applications were received. Councilman Cunningham  will  review  the applications.

Water Distribution

The north water tower was disinfected and put online on November  10th  and the south tower was drained. Ray’s Welding will  be  doing he  repairs  this week and it is anticipated refilling this tower this  week.

Received a quote from Utility Supply to purchase  residential  meter  by  month: 12 a month for $205.00 each; 18 a month for $201.00 each; or 24 a month for $195.00 each. Following a discussion, on motion of Councilman Brcuckman, seconded by Councilwoman Mouratides  and  duly carried  5-0, the  Council  approved  the  purchase  of  18 meters  per  month  at the  cost of

$201.00 each. Councilwoman Mouratides noted that the contract must be received by the end of the  week.

Hydrants  have bee flushed, so new problems to   report.


Raw pump #2 was sent out to have the motor rewound.  This pumps has not  had  any work  done on it  in three years.

Three of the seven drying beds have been cleaned. The sludge  will  be hauled  by Wealing Brothers possibly next  week.

The old red building was taken down and it took two dumpsters for the debris.

Storm Water – The following are Storm Water locations which still need to be completed:

503 North  Washington  – Repairs have  been  completed  and  grass seed

was planted.

 Tim Wilgus Park drain is a 4″  pipe  which  drains  to  the  corner  of  Church  and Van Buren. This pipe  is  undersized  and  there  are  several  elevation  issues associated with  this  system.  Greenline  Lanscaping  is  developing  a  plan  and will provide a quote .


Limb pickup for the month has been completed.

Leaf pickup has started. There were some mechanical problems with the leaf vac on Monday, November 7th by Thursday the 10th it was back in service.   The  repair  work  was  covered  by  Mobil, Inc.  Under  the  work they

did in the  Spring.

Preparing for the auction on November  19, 2016.

Banners and flags have been removed. New American flags are need next year.

All the garages have been cleaned and the old car lifts have been removed  in the Police garage.

Completed  Work Orders:

Water Sewer Streets 56



Drainage 1
Locates 15

Town announcements –  President  Peeler  reminded  everyone  of  the  Tavvn’s auction scheduled for November  19, 2016 from  8:30 to  12:00 at the  Waste  Water  Plant. He stated that all funds will be deposited in the general  account.

Storm Water Drainage Board President  Frank  Stalbaum reminded  the Council  of the need for a replacement to the Storm Water Drainage Board. Clerk-Treasurer Siminski  said he would  advertise for all Boards.

There being no further business before Council on motion  of  Councilman Breuckman, seconded by Councilman Mantai and duly carried 5-0, the meeting was adjourned.