Hebron Park Board Meeting Minutes


Date: 11/10/16


In Attendance:  Linda B., Pamela B., Kim M., Doug S., Jami M., Becky J., Chris S.


Meeting Called to Order:  7:01 PM


Minutes for September Meeting:  Minutes reviewed, motion to approve made by Chris, Pamela 2nd.


Treasurer’s Report:  There will be an increase in the gift fund when the deposit from the Fall Fest goes thru. Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Pamela, Chris 2nd.


Old Business:

The Fall Fest was a success. People came and decorated Pumpkins,. Donuts were ate. Fun was had by all. The remainder of the pumpkins were donated to a special ed class and to Building Blocks for the kids. We will continue using the FFA girl in the future from the Kohlahangers farm for this event. Pamela asked anyone who had photo’s from the event to forward them to her so they could be sent to the Family Express which donated donuts to us.


We were Moved out of the Community Center abbroptly. Our items are currently displaced between the Water Department and Linda’s house. Thank you Linda!


There was a work order put in to take all the swings down by the 23rd of November.


We will be adding guidelines to the applications for board members to join.


Nipsco is going to be putting lights on the walking path. Lights to be added in different areas where also discussed, Alyea Park, Cohen Gazebo, and more on the streets.


The grant writer is going to help us with the 5 year plan.


The girl scouts gave us a check and caps for a bench to be purchased for them, they are aware that we will not be purchasing benches until the Spring.


New Business:

Santa will be held at the Hebron Elementrery School Cafeteria this year on 12/17/16 from 2-4. A staff member will hopefully volunteer to be there, and we must pay for a custodian, $20/hr.The cottage will be allowed to be there. The parking gates will be left up so people can get in. We will set up at 1pm.  A DJ, J Kempton Productions, Has offered to possibly donate his time at the event. He would provide a 2 foot stage and a sound system. Carolers for the event were discussed.

Things that need to be done for Santa event:

Cookies donations from Family Express and Caseys-Pamela

Silent auction- Pamela

Craft supplies-Becky

Contact Walgreens for Photos-Pamela

Contact fire department-Kim

Bring the cottage-Chris



Candy canes for santa to pass out

Talk to Russ’s for printing-Linda

Contact schools to send home flyers


Lyons club owns those big signs. Chris is going to see about borrowing them to put them outside.


We need to find a new location for Easter egg hunt.


We are going to donate the bikes we have to Mark Siminski’s bike project. Chris 1st, Pamela 2nd.


The Budget 2017 is not yet known.


Chris is putting together a packet for the dog park to present to council. It will have information concerning the Insurance, fence, and gates. Chris spoke with Amanda and Allison and they informed her that donors are lined up but wont specify the amount of donations until more information is gathered. The rail road property that was just purchased along 231 was discussed as a location to have the park.



The fact that the Stage coach In is “owned” by the parks department was discussed and that we should look into fixing it up.


The back two offices that where in the old police department may go to the parks department so that we can store our very important stuff.


We are going to possibly purchase a can to put by recycling bins for cap collecting all year long.


Next meeting is December 8th


Meeting Adjourned: 8:13 Motion to adjourn made by Becky, Chris 2nd.