January, 2017
Volume 11, Issue 1
Hebron, Indiana 46341
Hebron teams up to make Christmas special!
For the 16th year, Hebron’s National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society went shopping for the needy children of Hebron with the proceeds from
the NJHS Annual Haunted House. The Hebron Lion’s Club helped by providing Angel Tree tags and the students went shopping to help 92 Hebron children
have something for Christmas to open. This year, thanks to the over $6,000 raised at the Haunted House, they were able to make Christmas merry for those
who needed help the most. After shopping, the kids wrapped everything and the Lion’s Club made sure the gifts made it to the children.
The Lion’s Club wanted to thank our community for a very successful year on the Angel Tree Project. They wanted to thank 1st Source Bank, DeMotte State
Bank, and Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company (NITCO) for helping with the tags. They wanted to give a huge thank you to Dan Pastrick, Hebron Middle
School Teacher and NJHS Sponsor, the NJHS kids and everyone who helped out with the Haunted House to raise the money to give these kids a merry Christmas.
The Town of Hebron recognizes these volunteers for everything they do for our residents and how tirelessly the adults and kids worked together to help others.
It is truly a blessing that we have such wonderful people. We keep telling everyone what wonderful people we have, so you must forgive us when we brag about
your generosity!
Hebron Volunteer Fire Department Food Drive 2016
Braving ridiculously cold and snowy weather, our Hebron VFD went around town in December, picking up food and donations for the local food pantry.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for helping our needy and thank you to everyone who gave generously to the cause.
Town of Hebron Snow Plowing Policy (2016)
The Town would like to remind residents of its policy regarding plowing, blocked driveways, mailbox damage, private plowing, and parked vehicles.
The Town has approximately 15.2 miles of local roadway that it maintains and plows. The State of Indiana DOT plows routes on Hwy 2, Route 8, and Hwy 231.
Snow Response
When snow is still falling, our plows will plow the centers of the roadways allowing traffic to pass. When snowfall lets up, crews will return to plow the routes, getting
as close to the curb as possible to clear all lanes and parking areas in the roadway and allowing access to mailboxes. During the night (8:00pm-4:00am CT) plow crews
concentrate on main arterials. After 4:00 am CT, subdivisions will be cleared to allow residents to get to work and school. Cul de sacs are cleared initially by going
down the center. The drivers do their best to place the snow in an unobtrusive area.
Road Salt
Road salt is used judiciously and spread primarily at intersections, hills, curves, bridges, and school zones. Please understand that our plows cannot
keep snow out of residents’ driveways. Snow from the roadway is pushed from the center to the edges, and it is the homeowner’sresponsibility to clear the snow from
the end of his or her driveway, as well as in front of the mailbox. This snow should not be placed back in the street. The Town prohibits private plows from
pushing snow/ice from driveways or parking lots onto town roads. This practice is dangerous and impedes the Town’s snow removal efforts. If there is no other alternative
to pushing snow/ice into the road, the plow driver must plow off the snow piles left across the road by re-plowing until the road is safe. This may not necessarily mean
bare pavement, but it should be no worse than when the driver began work. It is a safety hazard to residents and plow drivers when vehicles are parked along the
roadside. Not only do parked vehicles reduce the sight line for pedestrians and oncoming vehicles, but they also force the plows to veer out of the travel lane. Residents
are asked to move vehicles from the roadway prior to a show/ice event.
Mail Box Damage
If you believe your mailbox is damaged by a Town plow, please contact the Town Hall at 219-996-4641.
Sod/Landscape Damage
Plow damage to the sod in the right-of-way is one of the unavoidable side-effects of clearing the streets. In spring when the ground has thawed, our plow drivers inspect
their routes, replacing rolled sod, filling in with top soil and planting grass seed wherever warranted. Residents who place landscaping (shrubs, stones, and planting other than sod) or irrigation
systems in the Town right of way assume any liability for damage.
A few things you can do to help us help you:
1) When it begins to snow, please remove all parked vehicles from the street.
2) Keep small children inside when snow equipment is operating in your neighborhood.
3) When setting garbage cans out for pickup, place them behind the curb.
4) Trim low hanging branches to prevent damage by plow trucks.
5) Shovel out the fire hydrant near your home for public safety.
6) Shovel the show away from catch basins in the street so melting snow can run off.
7) Do not pass a plow or sander and do not follow closer than fifty (50) feet.
8) Let us know of any treacherous conditions or problems on your street or that you encounter driving through Hebron.
9) Please be patient. All. Streets will be cleared, and all problems will be responded to as expeditiously as possible.
Hebron Council Recognizes our heroes
At their December Town Council Meeting, the Town Council recognized the following people for special honors and awards:
Kathryn (Kate) Wiltfang was honored for her many years of leadership in the Hebron Historical Society. She retired from the Society on December 31st, 2016. Kate has been
such a pleasure to work with and so knowledgeable about Hebron’s past that we’re sure her shoes will be big ones to fill.
The Town accepted an American Flag from Lt. Colonel Andrew Fitzgerald, son of Town Attorney Ted (Nan) Fitzgerald. This flag flew over Camp Justice, located
in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on August 10th, 2016.
Lifesavers awards were awarded to PT Officer Ryan Horst and Officer Casey Robinson by Chief Noel for their heroic efforts to save a motorist. Thank you
to our officers for going above and beyond the call of duty.
Jillian Adamczyk, Daughter of Todd and Amber Adamczyk, was awarded the highest civilian award, the Meritorious Award, for assisting in saving a neighbor’s life recently. We
are very proud of her actions!