12816 hebron park board minutes
Hebron Park Board Meeting Minutes
Date: 12/8/16
In Attendance: Linda B., Pamela B., Kevin C., Doug S., Jami M., Becky J., Kim M., Chris S.
Meeting Called to Order: 7:12 PM
Minutes for November Meeting: Minutes reviewed, motion to approve made by Becky, Kevin 2nd.
Treasurer’s Report:. Invoices approved by all members. Amended balances reviewed. Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Becky, Kevin 2nd.
Old Business:
The Swings are down.
The guidelines for new members are still being located.
The Board was presented with packets with guide lines for The Dog Park. There is a workshop in the planning process. Council seems to be on board with it!
New Business:
Chris has been trying to get in touch with the historic society to find out operation expenses for the Stage Coach and the other info that is needed to be known so we can take over it.
Chris would like to by Holiday decorations to decorate the corner sign. She asked for money to not exceed $120. Becky 1st, Linda 2nd.
Flyers for Santa are put up.
Tim and Debbie Armstrong have volunteered to play Santa! They will arrive at 2 on a fire truck and leave on a fire truck at 4.
Cookies! We need a lot of cookies for the Santa event. Caseys donated 8 BOGO coupons for cookies, First source bank and the Chamber said they would also donate cookies. We will need more purchased. We need to check with Fred if we can purchase things after the 12th when they finish the books.
Becky has ordered craft items from Oriental trading. She is looking for blowups for decorations. Chris has a tree and lights. Linda will sort out approximately 100 Beanie Babies to be passed out.
The cottage will be brought to the elementary school. By C&A Auto.
A budget of $50 was requested for cocoa and treats for Santa Event. Pamela 1st, Kevin 2nd.
Silent Auction. We have a lot of donations from businesses! Pamela will be in charge at the event. It will end at 3:30 pm.
Jami said she would pick up any last minute donations being made for the silent auction. Thanks Jami!
The day of the event: We get the school from 12:30-4:30. We do not have to pay anyone to be there, we got volunteers to fill the spots we need!
Cookie Patrol-Jami, Linda, Becky
Santa-Chris, Erik
Traffic Control-Chris
Crafts-Volunteer Kids
Friends of the Park Award Nominations were discussed. The girls scout troop is one possible nominee.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 Motion to adjourn made by Kevin, Becky 2nd.