HEBRON REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (HRC) MEETING MINUTES 7:00 PM – Monday – November 28, 2016 – Community Center 1 of 2 Call to Order: HRC Vice President Mike Reick called the Redevelopment Commission meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. at which time all attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendees: HRC members: Mike Reick (MR), Merle Foresman (MF), Pete Breuckman (PB), Kevin Joseph (KJ) Members absent: Shawn Ensign (SE) Liaisons/Consultants present: Mike Mantai (MM), Stephanie Mathews (SM), DeSCo (JM) Liaisons/Consultants absent: None Attending Guests: Dave Peeler (DP) Administrative Approvals: 1. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was accepted as distributed. 2. October 24, 2016 minutes: Commissioner Joseph requested that the liaisons and guests be identified separately and requested that the minutes be corrected.  (KJ) moved to approve; (MF) seconded; Motion passed (4-0). 3. Treasury Expenditures: Four claims were presented for payment:  (PB) motioned to pay all invoices; (MF) seconded; Motion passed (4-0).  Anticipating a possible meeting cancellation in December, the HRC voted to approve these recurring expenses in amounts not to exceed the following: Powernet Global – $10, NITCO – $100, Creavo – $250, DeSCo – $800, Chris Stalbaum – $450.  (MF) motioned to pay all December invoices at or below the cap; (PB) seconded; Motion passed (4-0). Strategic Plan Business: 1) Strategic Plan Update. The HRC reviewed strategic plan assignments. The Sewer Bonds, Homesteading, Community of Murals, Hawk Bucks, and Town Property were discussed. No other projects had advanced in October. Of greatest interest was the Hawk Bucks program. (PB) moved that DeSCo should confirm NITCO’s and the Chambers participation as described in version 6. Upon the expected receipt of such approvals, a legal opinion would be requested of Ted Fitzgerald. With all three reviews favorably completed, the Hawk Bucks program would be sent to Council for approval. (MF) seconded; Motion passed (4-0). Old Business: 1) Business Licenses (MR). Commissioner Reick reports that Hebron is in excellent position to close out 2016 with almost 100% participation. 2) Website (MR). Commissioner Reick reported that 12 – 14 changes were made during November. 3) Zoning and TIF Map Updates (JM). Ted Fitzgerald approved the new maps for approval in early November. The planned approval process would be HRC (11/28), PC (12/13), and TC (12/20). (PB) moved to approve the new maps, (MF) seconded; Motion passed (4-0). 4) Project Homestead (JM). DeSCo reported that the intended partner for project homestead was no longer responding to meeting requests. It was advised that a mailing to all residential developers be undertaken to broaden interest. (MF) moved to approve a mailing to the residential developers, (KJ) seconded; Motion passed (4-0). 5) Village Walk (JM). Village Walk was officially terminated due to unrealistic expectations by the current owners. HEBRON REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (HRC) MEETING MINUTES 7:00 PM – Monday – November 28, 2016 – Community Center 2 of 2 6) Gateway Lights (JM). Commissioner Reick reported that he had contacted two local contractors who declined interest in the work. President Peeler inquired about a third and Commissioner Reick was directed to contact them. If not interested, the original quote from Maglish in the amount of $4,480 would be engaged. New Business: 1) Brookwood Development (JM). DeSCo outlined a possible development partnership on the remaining Brookwood lots. Council members in attendance agreed to take it to the next Council workshop to discuss the Town’s comfort level and report back at future a future meeting. 2) December Meetings (JM). The December meeting was changed from 12/26 to 12/21. 3) School Donation (MR). Mike Reick addressed the HRC’s historical donation to the schools reminding the HRC that in 2015 they donated $10,000 that was used to purchase chrome books for the students. Discussions on the financial position of the HRC ensued. (PB) moved to approve a sum of $15,000 to be donated by the HRC in 2016, (MF) seconded; Motion passed (4-0) 4) Walking Track Lighting (MR). Mike Reick distributed an example of the walking track lighting he wanted to recommend. The members present liked the design and asked Mr. Reick to prepare a budget for their purchase. No report on activity from Ted Fitzgerald on this matter was discussed. Public Comments: A brief discussion of the Misty Glenn appeal was held at the end of the meeting. Members present were reminded that it is currently scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on 12/15 @ the Porter County Government Building Annex. Adjournment: (MF) motioned to adjourn; (MR) seconded; passed (5-0). Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. Next Meeting: (NEW DATE) Wednesday, December 21, 2016. Public Meeting @ 7:00 PM ________________________ ___________________________ Mike Reick, HRC Vice President Merle Foresman, HRC Secretary